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Toll Free Number : (866) 787-5503

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We have trained and certified plumbers, technicians, and electricians to repair and install any type of equipment in the kitchen or bathroom. They have experience in handling water heaters of various types and brands. So regardless of which brand of water heater you have, they can be fixed by EZ Heat and Air Plumbers.

EZ Heat and Air has all of the most up-to-date tools and equipment to accurately diagnose whatever problem your water heater is experiencing. We keep detailed records of everything we do and offer a variety of solutions. You can select whichever one best suits your needs and budget. You can simply replace a part, install new ones, or even upgrade the ones that are already in place. It is ultimately your choice, and we will do everything in our power to make your wishes a reality. Our water heater repair teams in Orange County are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so call us whenever you notice a problem. We will provide quick solutions.

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    Water Heater Installation in Orange County

    is quicker than most others While being totally affordable

    EZ Heat and Air water heater installation specialists in Orange County are on hand to address any of your concerns. Our services are of the highest quality while remaining surprisingly affordable. We also assist with procurement and installation, and we provide a variety of pricing options to alleviate our clients’ financial concerns. Our installation covers everything from start to finish.
    We have various options for both tank-based and tankless water heaters. Both are useful in different circumstances. Our experts will do a quick assessment of your property and offer you a range of options regarding which water heater to choose. We have a large collection of gas, electric, heat pump, solar, and hybrid water heaters of all the mainstream brands. We have a company policy of selling high quality, warranty-backed, and certified products. So you do not have to worry about the quality of the product.
    Tank-based water heaters are one of the most common types of water heaters. These are also referred to as conventional water heaters. They are well-known for consuming a lot of power, resulting in higher energy bills. However, depending on the circumstances of your property, a gas or tank-based water heater may be more appropriate than an electric one. During a free consultation, our water heater installation experts in Orange County will provide you with sound advice. Our installations are guaranteed to be of high-quality.
    We have also installed hybrid water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and solar water heaters. If you are interested in green products and are willing to make all necessary upgrades and additions to your property, we are here for you. We can help to have them installed flawlessly.
    Nowadays, Tankless water heaters are preferred over tank-based ones. Tankless water heaters use less energy and have environmentally friendly options. EZ Heat and Air can get you the right products and have them installed whether you want to install an electric tankless water heater or a gas-powered tankless water heater.

    Our Services Are Reliable For Emergency And Regular Problems with many auxiliary benefits,

    EZ Heat and Air in Orange County believes in a customer-first approach

    Commercial Heaters

    Along with the residential water heaters, we also have a large collection of many commercial water heaters. The commercial water heaters come with considerable post-service maintenance options and regular maintenance services. Our commercial water heater installation is fast and often gets done within the same day.

    Maintenance Services

    Maintenance services are of two kinds. Many of our installation and repair jobs come with a time period of free post-service maintenance. Apart from that, you can also hire our plumbers for regular maintenance at any frequency. The commercial water heater may need a bit more frequent visits, whereas the residential heaters require very little.

    Replacement Deals

    You can replace your old water heater with a new one. Just give us a call, and we offer fantastic replacement deals on any type of water heater. It is better to install a new water heater sometimes than to repair your old unit again and again. By replacing, you can save a good deal of cash.

    EZ Heat and Air
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    Customer Retention Rate in the State.

    We Believe in Transparency, Honesty, and
    Privacy above all things.

    We have always been transparent with our customers. You will know each and every step and process of the job. For this reason, we always do the pricing upfront, and we never add any hidden charges at the end. While the initial estimation and consultation are always free, we will notify you even with the slightest swaying from the plan immediately. The 100% transparent approach helps our customers to make an intelligent decisions regarding their finances and choices.
    We value your privacy more than anything else. None of the files are disclosed or discussed with anyone else but you. You can completely trust our judgment regarding this issue.

    Our Water Heater Services are a combination of exclusiveness, proactiveness, and intelligent decisions.

    Water heaters services at EZ Heat and Air are designed to be highly efficient. All of our plumbers and technicians carry a majority of their tools to avoid any kind of time wastage. This is just an example of how efficient we are. We maintain a degree of flexibility to reach our goal within the estimated time. For example, plumbers may work around the clock if needed to finish within the agreed-upon schedule. But overall, we do not make the decisions alone. We always look for your permission and inputs before deciding anything.
    We can become your go-to plumbing company as we cover all the generalized and specialized plumbing services. Our wide range of expertise allows us to integrate different skills and create an optimum solution. The packages are multi-dimensional for a reason. We understand that repair not only means repair but also cleaning the unit, tuning it up, and performing revisions.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.