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Ductless Air Conditioning Installation in San Diego

Professional Ductless Mini Split Installation

Are you planning on installing a new air conditioning system at your place? Before you invest in an AC unit, you should know that there are a variety of options where you could choose from and not all air conditioning appliances work in the same way. You have the opportunity where you could purchase a model that meets both your needs as well as your budget. One such model that is gaining popularity among many property owners are the latest ductless mini split air conditioner installation.

Do any of your family members complain that it is too cold inside your home while you love the chilling temperature? Do you wish you could’ve more control over the individual heating and cooling of your property? If this sounds like your case, a ductless mini split air conditioner installation seems the ideal solution for you. These allow users to keep one area of your property set for colder temperatures, another can be set for warmth, while controlling the entire system from one central location. For ductless air conditioning installation San Diego, contact the experts at EZ Heat and Air.

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    Just like any other electronic appliance, these AC units are quite exquisite and complex devices. Ductless air conditioning installation San Diego can be more complicated than it may seem to be. There’s also the possibility of damaging the unit if the ductless mini split installation is not conducted by a trained professional. Therefore it is always recommended to hire a well trained and experienced professional such as our experts at EZ Heat and Air for your ductless air conditioning installation San Diego. It is also the best way to make sure that your AC unit functions as it should be so you can enjoy the comfort these devices have to offer.
    Here at EZ Heat and Air, we hire only the highly skilled technicians who have undergone extensive training and have high ethical and moral values. We feel it’s our duty to offer superior level of service quality and courteous customer care. Our ductless mini split installation teams are dedicated in delivering rapid services and upfront pricing along with affordable rates. Go with EZ Heat and Air for a hassle free experience.

    Why Install a Ductless Mini Split AC Unit?

    • Personalized Temperature Control – With the use of individual heating and cooling zones, you can enjoy varying temperatures at the same time.
    • Saves Energy – With their smaller size and zero energy escaping ducts, ductless AC units save considerably a lot over conventional AC units.
    • Quiet Operation – Unlike larger units that have to cool the entire facility, ductless mini split AC systems are extremely quiet while operating.
    • Improved Air Quality – Just as the name suggests, these AC units work without any duct work, which can carry various types of contaminants.
    At EZ Heat and Air, we offer a wide range of ductless mini split air conditioner installation. While our teams of experts can consult your needs and recommend and install the right ductless AC unit for you, they are also capable of repairing all types of ductless air conditioners. While these units consume less energy and are more flexible in use, they still require regular maintenance and service just like any other home appliance. When you decide to go with EZ Heat and Air, we help keep your ductless AC units in good shape.

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    Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation in San Diego, CA

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    Ductless Mini Split AC Installation

    Our teams will guide you from the selection of a ductless mini split AC system to the point where the unit is installed within your premises. Our ductless mini split installation teams will help you decide the right model for you and properly install it, ensuring the unit works fine as expected.

    Ductless Air Conditioner Repair

    Got a faulty ductless AC unit? You got nothing to worry as our technicians are capable of repairing all types and brands of ductless mini split AC systems. Call EZ Heat and Air and a team of experts will be on their way to fix your malfunctioning ductless AC unit.

    Ductless Mini Split AC Maintenance

    Just like any other electrical device, your mini split AC unit should also be regularly serviced and maintained. Call us to schedule a service appointment on any day that works for you. Our ductless mini split installation teams arrive on time and leave your house spotless after completing the servicing of your air conditioning system.

    Ductless Mini Split
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    Heating and Cooling services from the experts

    One of the biggest advantages of ductless mini split AC units is that it can be installed to a home with an existing AC system or to even a completely new home. We will start by visiting your home to determine the heating and cooling requirements, which will be used to select the ideal ductless mini split AC system for your property.

    Then the outdoor component of the unit will be installed in a place where there is space for the AC ductless system to work. Finally, the indoor air handlers will be installed to all the parts of your property, and each and every room of the house.

    Once this process is done, you and your family can start enjoying the fresh and quality air produced from your brand new ductless mini split installation by the hands of the experts at EZ Heat and Air.

    Why Choose for Ductless AC Units Installation?

    • Personalized Service – Prior to the selection of a ductless AC unit, our teams will visit your premises and personally consult your needs as well as your budget to determine the right mini split model for your property. Our ductless air conditioner repair technicians will install the chosen model within your premises and ensure it is functioning properly and you can enjoy the comfort these devices have to offer.
    • Team of Professionals – Our teams are comprised of highly trained and well experienced ductless air conditioner repair technicians. They are also licensed and certified professionals by NADCA HVAC. They have the right expertise to recommend the right ductless mini split AC unit for you by considering your needs as well as the building structure of your home and properly install it within your premises.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Customer Satisfaction is our No. 1 priority at EZ Heat and Air. We work with one goal in our minds – keep the customer satisfied at all times. Our ductless air conditioner repair teams will not wrap things up until you are fully satisfied with our service and get the best of what you expected from us. That is the EZ Heat and Air guarantee.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.