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Toll Free Number : (866) 787-5503

Residential HVAC Contractors San Diego

Certified HVAC Contractors California

Welcome to EZ Heat and Air, devoted to serve all the heating and cooling needs of homeowners and other residential property owners in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside in California. We have built a reputation among our esteemed customers for premium customer service, fair prices, high integrity, quality workmanship, and reliable results.


Skilled Team

We have a skilled team of professionals who are well qualified as well as trained in their fields. Moreover, they are licensed, insured and bonded.


24 hours Emergency Service

We offer 24 hours emergency service anywhere and anytime regardless of day or night. We provide expert Residential hvac contractors San Diego. In case of any emergency, feel free to contact our technicians.


Money back Guarantee

If in case our customers are not 100% satisfied with a job, then we will definitely refund the money back to them.

Professional and Affordable Heating & Cooling Systems Services for San Diego, Orange County and Riverside
heater instalation

Heater Installation

At EZ Heat and Air, our certified technicians are well trained in installing heaters. Whether it is a wall heater or a traditional one we provide solutions for every need. We have installation experts who will find the best place for fitting new heaters in your home.

heating Repairs

Heating Repair

We offer top-quality heater repair services for homes as well as businesses in California. Our aim is to repair the heaters properly so that it can save energy costs.

heat pump service

Heat Pump Service

Our skilled team is dedicated to bringing quick and friendly heat pump service. Whenever someone’s needs repair a heat pump, then our specialists are always available for maximizing our customer’s comfort.

hybrid system service

Hybrid System Service

Our technicians are proficient in hybrid system service. They can perform all types of hybrid repair such as maintaining of the control circuit as well as electronic motor in heating and cooling systems.

heating and air cooling supply

Heating and air cooling supply

We are proficient in supplying heating and air cooling systems. Moreover, we perform various services including installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements. We offer efficient and reliable systems in order to deliver maximum home comfort.

wall hearter service

Wall heater service

We have professional HVAC contractors California for wall heater services. They inspect and do everything very perfectly such as checking of leakages, and cleaning of fireboxes vents and heater exhaust outlets.

ductless air condition

Ductless air conditioning

Are you looking to install a ductless mini-split air conditioner in your home? Then you have come to the right place. We can install ductless air conditioning that saves energy costs, provides better air quality and ensures more comfort.

split system ac

Split system AC

If you are finding a way for cooling your home effectively and efficiently, then contact us for the installation of Split system ACs. Our Split AC installation services guarantee safety, efficiency and reliability.

air conditioning installation

Air conditioning Installation

We are experts in air conditioning installation and install the accurate size first time right, which prevents you from wasting time and efforts.

air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning

Air ducts naturally deposit dust and contaminants when not properly cleaned. Our technicians are specialized in cleaning the dirty air ducts and increasing the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems.

coil cleaning

Coil cleaning

The most common problem that occurs in AC system is a broken coil. We specialize in offering texcellent coil cleaning and repairing services in California.


Air filter cleaning

Contaminants and allergens get trapped in the air filters resulting in poor indoor air quality. Call our experts for deep cleaning of air filters, anywhere you are in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside.


Electronic air cleaners

The electronic air cleaners work with heating and air conditioning systems for eliminating dust particles in indoor environments. Our experienced installers are skilled in finding the air cleaner systems that best suit your home.

uv air purifier systems

UV air purifier systems

UV air purifier system helps in removing air pollutants. At EZ Heat and Air, our experts offer UV air purifier services for improving the quality of air in the home.

hvac certifications service

HVAC certifications service

On the basis of qualification, experience, and license, we tend to provide HVAC certification to our practiced and deserving heating contractors San Diego.

Get Industry-Leading Experts and Air Care Specialists from us

EZ Heat And Air is a leading Company in California with a team of qualified mechanical contractors with expertise in installing and servicing all the foremost brands of air conditioning and heating equipment. We offer services for residential properties. We offer superior quality heating and air conditioning services. Our main aim is to provide long-lasting results, premium solutions and outstanding professionalism for our customers. We are one of the most renowned Heat and Air systems provider, operating in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside. We have well trained, certified and licensed technicians who can handle any kind of simple or challenging heat and air conditioning jobs.

What makes Us a well-known Heat and Air Systems Company in California?

At EZ Heat and Air, our skilled professionals offer ultra-modern equipment with superior technology that helps in solving all heat and air problems. We take pride in our highly reliable HVAC systems that brings our customers utmost satisfaction. We are one of the top HVAC companies for the quality of work we offer and this has helped us win more and more clients.

best technicians

Best Technicians

Our technicians are courteous and professional who get high reviews each and every time they offer their service. They get the job done right the first time. Our experts ensure the best workmanship and complete customer satisfaction.

treat customer just-like-family

Treat Customer just like Family

We always ensure that our clients feel safe and secure whenever they have us to install or service heat and air conditioning systems. We treat every client with utmost professionalism and courteousness, which is why our customers come to us for any such jobs without any hesitation.

industry leading equipment

Industry-leading Equipment

Our experts make use of industry-leading tools and equipments supported by advanced technology for installing and maintaining heat and air conditioning systems.

cost effective hvac installations

Cost-effective HVAC Installations

For residential HVAC systems, our skilled mechanics provide affordable and high-quality installation as well as maintenance of almost all models of heat pumps, air conditioners, split systems, furnaces and many more.

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