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Frequently Asked Questions

Air Conditioning Repair

Q. Why is my AC leaking water inside my home?

A. If your AC is leaking water inside your home, the prime reason can be blocked condensate drain lines. Debris such as dust, mold, dirty particles can clog the lines over time. In such a scenario, water can’t escape out, so it starts leaking inside your home.

Q. How long does it take to cool the house after AC repair?

A. The cooling of your house depends on the size, power, and age of your appliance. However, if your AC is not too old and the capacity of AC is right for your house, your house should be able to cool by 10 degrees Fahrenheit in three hours.

Q. Is it necessary to service my air conditioner?

A. Your air conditioner too experiences wear and tear just like other appliances. So, for optimal functioning, saving energy, and enjoying a pleasant and cool ambiance in your room, you need regular air conditioning maintenance services from experts. Air filters accumulate dirt, pollutant, and pollen, which needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid discomfort.

Q. What size of AC do I need?

A. Too large AC will cool the room quickly and satisfy the thermostat without eradicating sufficient moisture. So, you won’t feel comfortable due to the humid and sticky ambiance. At the same time, smaller units will take a long time to cool your room as well as have to work harder, which leads to high usage of energy. However, the size of AC not only depends on the size of your room but also depends on the types of wall, size of windows, attic conditions, insulations, and more. Consult experts to make the right choice for installing AC in your residence or office.

Q. I am looking for a new air conditioner for my home, so which brand is the best and most cost-effective?

A. The major factor of sorting the suitable brand for your home would be pricing that fits your budget. After that, you need to check the longevity of your unit, warranties, and SEER rating for energy efficiency to choose the best-suited AC brand for your home.

HVAC Repair

Q. What are the signs that your HVAC is in need of repair?

A. If you notice a blow of hot air from your HVAC unit, weak airflow, unpleasant odor, unusual noise, a thermostat is not working properly, high utility bills, moisture leakage, humid air, or frequent issues, you need to immediately call a professional and get your HVAC repaired.

Q. How often should I have my HVAC system serviced?

A. It is best to service your cooling system during spring and heating system during the fall to have swift functioning of an HVAC unit all through the year.

Q. I need HVAC repair on weekends. What shall I do?

A. Don’t worry. EZ Heat and Air work 24×7 and during public holidays as well. So, whether you have issues at 3 am or on Sunday, or in the Christmas holiday, we are always available to serve you quick and hassle-free HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Q. My HVAC system is 15 years old and working properly. Should I go for repairs or install a new HVAC system?

A. Generally, the life expectancy of an HVAC system is 15 to 25 years, depending on the type of the system and how you care. If you have maintained your system aptly and had regular repairs, it will last longer. But once your unit reaches 15 years, it becomes less reliable and efficient. Consult our professional to know the extent of the issue; if it is minor, you can go for our efficient HVAC repair services. Otherwise, when the problems are major, instead of replacing many parts, installing a new system is justifiable as it will save monthly energy conservation and work efficiently.

Q. What type of fuel should I use to heat and cool my home?

A. Natural gas, electricity, oil, and solar panels are primary options for fuel that you can use to heat and cool your home. We will help you to get the most viable option based on your requirements and budget.

Q. Do you offer emergency HVAC repair services?

A. Yes, whether you need a water heater or furnace repair in the dark of frosty winter or emergency AC repair in the afternoon during peak hours, we are just a call away. Call us and schedule service at your convenience; our team is always ready and well-equipped to offer quick solutions and efficient services.

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