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AC Installation in San Diego

It could be very unpleasant when your air conditioning (AC) system stops to function or has a leak, especially on a hot summer day. Sometimes your air conditioners are outdated or beyond repair. We offer you repair services as well as air conditioning installation San Diego. EZ Heat and Air has specialized teams dedicated to split, mini and central air conditioner installation. When you call us for an installation, we offer emergency service as well as same day AC installation San Diego. You can also schedule your installation during the weekend or evenings, whatever time best suits you. We are open 24/7

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    Air Conditioning Installation in San Diego

    If it’s time to change your air conditioner, it’s important that you do some research on your options beforehand. Purchasing the first AC unit you come across is not a good idea. Few factors which might worry you is about the efficiency, size, and type of the Air Conditioner. EZ Heat and Air is here to help you with any type of air conditioner you need to buy and install.

    There are many types of air conditioners available in the following categories and we are proficient in AC installation San Diego of any type or size –

    • Split AC Installation : This includes split air conditioner installation services for residential properties.
    • Central AC Installation : Central air conditioning systems are most preferred in offices, departmental stores, restaurants, etc. We have a long track record in central air conditioning installation San Diego.
    • Mini AC Installation: A number of boutique shops and rental apartment owners, usually, demand mini air conditioners. Our team can help you get such systems as well as install them.
    If you are looking for an energy efficient cooling system that is less intrusive, a ductless AC unit could be of interest to you. The ductless mini-split air conditioning system has an outside condensing unit, which helps to cool the indoor air. The cool air flows through a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted blower unit. Installing ductless split AC units are not only easy but quick too. Such kind of air conditioning systems are preferred by property owners who have an old and leaky ductwork.

    Central Air Conditioner Installation in San Diego

    Free Consultation and Estimation

    We provide a free consultation for any kind of air conditioning installation San Diego, California. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

    Easy and Accurate Installation

    Irrespective of what kind of system you have, whether it’s a central air conditioner or split or mini-split, our team has the expertise to provide top-notch ac installation San Diego.


    We meet your highest standards and expectations by providing our customers the best quality service at a reasonable price. We are 100% committed to guaranteed, accurate air conditioning installation San Diego.

    Why choose our
    AC installation and repair services?

    We offer not only air conditioning installation San Diego but also maintenance and repair solutions.

    • AC Maintenance – We also help with preventive maintenance to keep your air conditioner functioning at full capacity every time you need it.
    • AC Repair – We have a whole team of air conditioner repair technicians, certified to deal with all kinds of repair work.
    • AC Replacement – We are just a few clicks or a phone call away whenever you want air conditioner replacement services.

    We can comprehend that replacing your existing air conditioning system is not inexpensive. We can help you to make wise decisions and find affordable options. We will do everything possible to make sure we meet your expectations regarding our AC services. Call EZ Heat and Air for any any job of air conditioning installation San Diego for guaranteed high quality services.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.