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HVAC Package Unit in San Diego

If you do not have enough space indoors for the separate furnace, coil, and air-handler units of your multi-unit HVAC system, EZ Heat and Air can now install an all-in-one HVAC package unit for both heating and cooling functions.

Our packaged heating and air conditioning system installation experts will suggest the best package unit HVAC system that can efficiently heat or cool your house or office.

Our installation services are competitively priced and 100% guaranteed. Regardless of the nature of your heating or cooling requirements, we shall always come up with the perfect solution for you.

Since central heat and air package units comprise a single all-in-one heating, air conditioning, and humidity control unit, they are much easier to repair. Our experts can repair malfunctioning package heat and air units in as little time as possible.

We always carry our repair kit with us so that you do not have to wait for long before you can enjoy the uninterrupted services of your HVAC unit. So call EZ Heat and Air without any delay to experience our dedicated services.

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    EZ Heat and Air undertakes installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC package unit throughout San Diego and across California. We understand that it is extremely difficult for you to wait until morning if your HVAC unit breaks down in the middle of the night. That is why our HVAC package unit repair services are available 24X7.
    Our licensed experts can also install special rooftop packaged heating & air conditioning system that are designed in modules so that you can easily add another module if you choose to expand your house.
    If you need guidance while choosing the ideal HVAC package unit for your property, you can rely on our experienced experts for valuable advice. So, if you wish to install a new central heat and air package units or replace an existing one, call our experts now for a free estimate.
    Since any major damage to your package HVAC system can cost you a large sum of money, We offers annual maintenance services for your packaged heating & air conditioning system.
    Our skilled professionals can identify potential issues and sort them out before they turn into a major problem. We check the level of your refrigerant, fix leaks and blockages, and also clean your entire unit.
    Our maintenance services are not restricted to these and include many other tasks including a detailed inspection of each part of the unit.
    We believes in providing affordable and 100% transparent services with no hidden charges. We always aim to bring down your long-term expenditure by suggesting the ideal HVAC unit for your house. If you need help with your HVAC package unit, give us a free service call now and leave the rest to us.
    Our installation and repair services are completely safe and hassle-free. If you choose EZ Heat and Air, we can assure you that you won’t experience recurrent issues with our central heat and air package units installations.

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    HVAC Package Unit Installation

    Our well-trained and experienced professionals can install all kinds of packaged heating and air conditioning system, including packaged air conditioners, gas-electric systems, heat pumps, and hybrid dual-fuel units. We can install both small and large footprint HVAC package units with ease.

    HVAC Package Unit Maintenance

    Our HVAC package unit maintenance experts will regularly inspect the components of your unit, including the compressor, expansion valve, air filter, evaporator, and condenser for signs of damage. We shall also clean the parts of your package heat and air unit to improve its longevity.

    HVAC Package Unit Repairs

    If your central heat and air package unit has broken down or is not regulating temperature properly, just give EZ Heat and Air a call. Our skilled professionals will immediately identify the problem and repair your HVAC package unit. Our repair services are available 24X7 and our experts will reach your doorstep within an hour of your call.

    EZ Heat and Air hires professionals for
    Package HVAC System Installation and Repair

    What are the benefits of installing a packaged heating & air conditioning system?

    • Space efficiency: If you need to conserve indoor space in your property, an HVAC package unit is ideal for you. A package heat and air conditioning unit contains all the necessary components of the heating and air conditioning in a single unit that can be placed outdoors to save your indoor space.
    • Inexpensive installation: Since all the components of a packaged HVAC system are contained in a single unit, the installation process is less labor-intensive and hence more cost-efficient.
    • Energy efficiency: EZ Heat and Air always installs packaged heating & air conditioning system that have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and are consequently energy-efficient.
    • No disturbance: The noise produced by a packaged HVAC system will not cause you any disturbance since the unit is placed outdoors.

    Why Choose
    Us for your HVAC package unit?

    EZ Heat and Air is among the most reputed HVAC unit service providers in California. Unlike most other service providers, we always prioritize customer satisfaction. Our experts are not only well-trained and experienced but friendly too.

    You can ask them any questions related to your package heat and air unit without the slightest hesitation. Our experts will never consider their job done until you are fully satisfied with their work. Our complimentary customer testimonials show how much we value each and every customer.

    We understand the value of prompt services. That is why our HVAC unit repair services are available around the clock throughout the state of California. If you encounter any issue with your package heat and air unit, you need not wait until the next working day to call in our experts.

    Our licensed and background-checked experts are well-versed in all kinds of repairs and there is no problem that is beyond their scope. Call EZ Heat and Air now for safe, secure and accurate installation and repair services for your HVAC systems.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.