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Water Heater Repair in Los Angeles

Water heater issues are a common appliance problem. So no need to get overwhelmed as most of the issues are benign and dealt with ease. However, it is advisable to call a professional as soon as you sense something out of the ordinary with your water heater.

Symptoms of a faulty water heater include overheating, stuck valve, leak from plumbing connection, too hot or not enough hot water, a bad gasket, or leakage in a water tank. However, in most cases, they require little work, even though they may signal a bigger problem. EZ Heat and Air experts will help you find the nature of the fault and effectively deal with it. But it is not the end. We also offer the most competitive rate while being one of the fastest for repair jobs. Our plumbers and technicians are very skilled and fast since we only employ experienced and certified personnel.

EZ Heat and Air offer repairs for all kind of gas, electric, hybrid and solar water heaters. We have dedicated teams for water heater repair in Los Angeles. We can fix any part, fixture, or leak along with gas and electric line issues.

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    Water heater Installation in Los Angeles,

    EZ Heat and Air is your best option With 30 years of experience

    EZ Heat and Air offers installation services for all kinds of appliances in the kitchen and bathroom. Our water heater installation teams are easily one of the best in Los Angeles for the following reasons. Firstly, we not only install all types of water heaters but also sell them. We only sell high-quality certified products of all the mainstream brands. Secondly, we have experts in our installation teams who will assess multiple aspects of your property and then advise you about the best choices for your aesthetics, budget, and energy consumption. Thirdly, Our water heater installation services in Los Angeles cover consultation, inspection, product advice, installation, structural and electrical revisions which means we are the one-stop solution center for water heaters. Fourthly, we always provide considerable post-service maintenance, and most of the EZ Heat and Air service is backed with guarantees. Lastly, whenever you feel like replacing your water heater with a new one, just call us. We offer some of the best replacement deals.
    Whether it is a tank-based traditional water heater or tankless one, we can provide services for it. From repair to installation and replacement, you can find everything under one name. All of the services available on an emergency basis. We have teams that are available 24/7 all the time, including public holidays. Emergency EZ Heat and Air teams will inspect, assess your energy consumption, existing infrastructure, and provide an evidence-based report on what is best for you.
    We also offer many auxiliary services for absolutely no charge. For example, initial consultation and estimation are always free. The reports, inventory lists are available for you. We keep a highly detailed record of everything we do, and you can access it anytime you want.
    EZ Heat and Air has a very well-groomed customer service which is also available 24/7. If you live away from your property, you can contact our customer service to get live reports. Besides that, we have a deadline rule. Every step of our work is always within the mentioned estimated time. Even if we have to work around the clock to reach the estimated time mark, we do it.

    Accurate and Secure Services for Tank-based or

    Tankless water heaters installation in Los Angeles

    Personalized Packages

    EZ Heat and Air offers personalized packages for tank-based and tankless water heater installation in Los Angeles. The packages will include the services of your choice.

    Warranty Backed Products

    The products you procure from us will be backed with long-term warranties. The warranties can be availed easily. If you find any fault, you just have to come to our office or call our 24×7 customer service.

    Eco-friendly Products

    We have a range of eco-friendly water heater choices. We promote the use of solar-charged or electric water heaters as opposed to gas-based water heaters. We optimize water heater units to reduce overall energy consumption and mitigate wastage in an eco-friendly way.

    Tankless Water Heater
    Repairs in Los Angeles

    For optimized energy consumption and better output

    Subscribe to our maintenance and inspection services in Los Angeles, CA for your residential properties.

    A water heater has become an essential part of our household. That is why to maintain the optimum condition; we provide maintenance and inspection services. Inspection teams can respond to your call any time of the day, and apart from that, we have regular inspection service as well. Regular inspections will avoid major problems, reduce energy costs, and protect your family members or employees.
    Especially for businesses, regular maintenance is a must. Commercial water heaters are bigger and require much more attention than residential ones. Therefore, the chances of them being faulty is also higher. Our maintenance crews can provide services at a frequency of your choice. The most common services include daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly maintenance services. It will depend on the usage and type of water heater.

    EZ Heat and Air has a very customer-oriented
    approach for Solving problems

    Although everyone claims to be customer-friendly, we are totally customer-oriented. Everything from the initiation of repair to the last electrical revision, we value your input and choices the most. Whether you want a quick installation or a repair service only at night, we will schedule and plan according to your will. This extensive appeasement approach has granted us the opportunity to become one of the highly valued plumbing companies in California.
    Our teams are designed to achieve maximum efficiency within the shortest amount of time while maintaining optimum industry standards. EZ Heat and Air invests in smart and powerful technology and tools to enable quick assessment, cleanup, installation, and repairs. We, as a brand, stand upon its robust commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer-first mentality. Call us to schedule a meeting or appointment.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.