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Troubleshooting And Repair Strange Water Heater Noises And Sounds

Water Heater Repair By Professional

The water heater heats up the cool water supply so that hot water is available in the shower, dishwasher, garments washer, or any faucet in the home. When you start hearing complaints of a crackling sound in a hot water heater, it is better to switch it off and call a plumber.

If your electric water heater gives a popping noise, the issue might be the heater component. Upsetting noises like thumping, banging, murmuring, or murmuring in an electric water heater are generally a consequence of mineral stores in the water tank.

Mineral stores in hard water coat the heater components, catching dampness between the covering and component. Over time, this buildup causes surprising noises. Water heater repair in los Angeles requires cleaning these components. If the buildup on the component has rendered it beyond repair, you will have to replace the components.

If your gas water heater is making noises like popping, murmuring, or thumping, the issue could be a development of mineral buildup in the tank. On the off chance that you have intricate or mineral-rich water, it can cause minerals, for example, calcium, and lime, to cover the lower part of the tank, leading to the creation of bubbles that make a surprising noise.

EZ Heat and Air offer superior-quality water heater repair and maintenance. Are you worried about the noises coming from your water heater? Do you have questions like “Is it normal for a water heater to make popping noises?” or “Why is my hot water heater making noise when the water is off?” Do you feel “water heater popping sounds dangerous?”

Here is a blog to give you the right answers.

Reason for the Popping Noises from water heater

A common reason behind the popping and crackling sound in hot water heaters is because of silt and scale development inside the tank. As the water heater gets utilized, little bits of dregs and hard water scales gather in the lower part of the water heater.

The dregs can frame a layer of soil and coarseness on the lower part of the tank. After some time, this layer of residue can obstruct the warming of the components, making the tank work harder to heat the water, leading to the water bubbling and bringing about the popping noises you hear.

Why Is My Gas Water Heater Making Popping Noises?

Are water heaters supposed to make noise? This is a question every individual using a water heater has in their mind. There are numerous reasons for popping sounds in the water heater –

Silt Buildup

If the capacity tank on your water heater gets silt buildup, the sediments will stick to part of the burner. When the heating process begins, the presence of silt makes a similar noise as an espresso producer. This noise happens because the water rises as it passes the silt layer.


Sometimes the silt and mineral buildup prompts popping sounds. It is an indication that the storage tank needs a good cleanup to prevent excessive limescale development. Depending on the water supply sources, sometimes things like gravel, small stones, and different particles also get inside the walls of the heater, due to which popping sounds occur when the water heating begins.

Collection Of Mineral Deposits

If you get a hard water supply, your water heater tank will develop mineral buildup. The water entering the heater has different materials such as magnesium and calcium carbonate. The presence of these mineral buildup could also cause different noises in the water heater.


Sometimes too much sediment buildup can lead to the creation of loud sounds when the water travels through the soil. If you are hearing such sounds coming from the tank, it means there is a lot of soil in the heater. It is necessary to get a professional water heater repair done.

How To Reduce Noise From Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters will make some noise while heating up and warming water; however, the noise levels are generally not a reason to worry. When the hot water heater makes noise when water is off, it’s logical there is a vacuum that is siphoning water away from the unit and causing noise and vibration. As a rule, the arrangement is to have a plumber introduce a check valve in the water line.

Another typical issue that can make noise in tankless water heaters is a grimy stream sensor which controls how much gas is shipped off the unit. Other reasons of noises sources include hindered or insufficient ventilation or deficient or inappropriately set pressure valves. Since there can be many reasons for the noise, it’s ideal to have a plumber analyze the issue and fix the unit.

How To Repair Electric Hot Water Heater?

  • Look At The Electrical Board – to guarantee the electrical switch is in the “On” position, not stumbled or off, or melds are introduced safely and not “blown.” Reset the electrical switch to “On.” Replace any blown breaker.
  • Shut Down The Power – Before checking the water heater, ensure to shut down power in the electrical board by eliminating wires or moving the handle of a switch or electrical switch devoted to the water heater to the Off position.
  • The Upper Access Board – If you are opening the heater components, bear in mind that the metal covers are generally held and set up with screws. If you are removing the screws, set them aside in the order that you can reinstall them correctly when you close the component after the checks are done.
  • Protective Covering – When the warm protection is removed, plastic shock defenders are noticeable. Cautiously overlap any wires from the defensive cover. Lift the tab at the top away from the clasp and eliminate it to get to the terminals.
  • Search For Indications Of Harm – Water can spill because of a weak tank because of an inadequately fitted or welded cold water supply pipe, hot water yield pipe, or a malfunctioning seal between tank opening and warming component.

Who To Call For Hot Water Heater Problems?

Calling a certified plumber for water heater repair on time can save hundreds or even over thousand dollars. Temporary repairs from technicians who are not professionals can often lead to huge problems later costing you a lot of money in repairs and restoration. Skipping water heater maintenance and cleanup will also reduce the lifespan of your water heater.

If you are wondering how to fix electric water heaters, get in touch with EZ. We have licensed and highly-experienced plumbers with years of experience in water heater repair and maintenance. They can quickly detect issues and give you an evidence-based report about what is the actual issues with your water heater.

When you notice that your hot water heater is not functioning efficiently, get in touch with a plumber offering water heater repair and maintenance services. EZ Heat and Air is a company that has served millions of people over three decades. Our plumbers are professionals with the best training, experience, and equipment to get water heater repairs done speedily and efficiently.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.