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5 Causes Of Air Conditioner Noise And How To Fix Them

Summary: The air conditioners available in the market today are quieter than ever! The high-quality, efficient AC units are incorporated with the sound dampening technology. If the air conditioning installation los angeles at your home isn’t designed with this advanced technique and makes noise, hire EZ Heat and Air.


Air conditioners are designed to make our lives easier, but what if they started making your life hell? At one moment, the air conditioner will allow you to relax in the living room, but the next moment it can turn into a nightmare. So, it is necessary to know when to replace the air conditioner.

In this modern era, all air conditioners are designed with the advanced technology of sound dampening with 2 stage compressors. This 2-stage compressor will keep the noise level below 55 decibels which is pretty good.

But what if you already have the old air conditioning system or the newly installed air conditioner starts disturbing you? The air conditioner system making noise signifies certain issues that need to be fixed by the Air Conditioning Repair Service San Diego.

Ignoring the mysterious sounds from AC for an extended period can lead to bigger problems. When you leave this untreated, it will cause major expenses. The sooner you will take help from an expert, the faster you will resolve the issues.

If anyone is going through any kind of inconvenience, then here we come to guide you through this blog. This guide will guide people on the causes of AC making noise & how to fix it by hiring EZ Heat and Air.

Does Your AC Make Strange Noise?

Have you ever noticed that 20% of energy bills come based on air conditioning uses? Everyone relies on an air conditioner on the hottest days, but regular uses and low maintenance produce issues. It can lead to AC making noise louder.

If you are struggling with any air conditioning sound, there are many reasons behind it. When you have a modern HVAC unit, it keeps the sound level 25 to 55 decibels. Simultaneously, if you have the latest version of mini-split ductless and the latest window-style AC, it makes less sound than the central duct system.

If the central system of your air conditioning system is making louder noise or unfamiliar sound, then there is a malfunction. It is quite annoying when your AC makes constant banging and rattling sounds. Your AC needs special attention, but before that, you have to inspect the source of the problem. Inspect when to replace air conditioner by experts.

It is necessary to hire a specialized instructor to inspect the overall condition and how to re-fix it. Sometimes repairing the AC units is more costly when you have a problem with the compressor and fan motor. In these cases, you can think about replacing the air conditioner. In the next section, we have compiled the top 5 causes of the air conditioner making noise and how to fix them by considering these things.

To address or encounter all these problems, you need help from the experts of EZ Heat and Air. With them, you can troubleshoot when to replace the air conditioner and eliminate the noise issues.

What Are The Top 5 Causes Of Air Conditioners Making Noise & Fixing Them?

Banging or rattling sound:

Is your air conditioning making a rattling noise? It signifies you have an issue with the compressor. The compressor is designed to distribute refrigerant to various parts of the system and remove excess heat from the home. When the central unit of the system reached its lifespan, most of the parts inside the system started to loosen. Here are some common causes and tips to fix this:

  • Dirt particles stuck: If the dirt particles like sticks, leaves and other unnecessary particles get stuck into the condenser, it makes sounds. This has mostly happened if the outside unit is surrounded by leaves & twigs. You need to remove the condenser and clean all the stuck items to fix it.
  • Broken compressor: The banging noise from the AC might come if the compressor is broken. Replacing the compressor will be a high cost to you. But, if the unit has already crossed or reached its lifespan, it will be better to change them. Contact an Air Conditioning Repair Service specialist from EZ Heat and Air for further help.
  • Loose screw: Loose screws are also the reason for making the air conditioning system noisy. When you tap on the air conditioner, it starts vibrating from inside & outside, which causes the screw to lose. So, in this scenario, all you have to do is fix it with a screwdriver.

AC making a snaky sound

Have you ever felt like a snake is inside your air conditioner? Do you feel the hissing sound from the system? It could be due to these reasons:

  • Leakage in refrigerant: Leaking refrigerant is caused due to damage to the refrigerant line. When you use AC for a longer time, the refrigerant line can deteriorate, which causes leakage. Professionals can only repair it.
  • Leakage in valve: When your system has valve leakage, it also causes a hissing sound. The major role of the valve is to control the pressurization of the refrigerant.
  • High compressor pressure: If you feel that the hissing sound is turning into a shrieking sound, that means there is an issue in the compressor. This issue needs to be investigated as soon as possible.

AC makes pulsating noise: Is your air conditioner making a pulsating sound?

Here are the possible reasons behind this:

  • Pulsating AC plastic base: When the plastic base supports the AC unit you have, it causes the whole unit to pulsate. To fix it, remove the plastic pad and place the wooden pad as an alternative.
  • Loose fan blade or coil: The sound may be coming from the coil or bladder, which is loose over time. To repair this, you only need to tighten the screws, and your AC will return to its normal condition.
  • Combined Refrigerant lines & AC walls: When the refrigerant line touches the AC walls, it causes pulsating noise. You must add a foam material or rubber to make a barrier between them. It slightly moves the refrigerant lines away from the walls.

Squealing and screeching AC sounds

Do you think your AC started making screeching sounds? Let’s check the possible reasons behind it:

  • Broken belt: The squealing noise produced due to the broken or worn-out belt. This problem has mostly occurred in the central air conditioning system. In the traditional air conditioning system, a belt connects with the motor & fan that can wear out every time. During summer, these belts expand themselves, which also causes a cracking sound.
  • Fan motor bearings: If the ac starts making a screeching sound when you turn it on, it means the fan motor bearings either need replacement or is faulty.
  • High pressure in compressor unit: The continuous noise of squealing from AC sometimes occurs when high pressure is developed in the compressor. So, whenever you feel the buildup of high pressure, turn off the AC; otherwise, it causes an explosion.

AC making Whistling sound

Does the air conditioner make the whistling sound? This is not much annoying as compared to the other sounds. Here are the most familiar reasons behind this.

  • Leakage in AC ducts: The leaky duct of the central air conditioning system also creates a whistling sound. To stop the noise, you can seal the ductwork properly. If you left this condition as it is, you would receive a high utility bill at the end of the month.
  • Obstruction in airflow: If the obstruction blocks the airflow, it starts making a high-pitched whistling sound. To eliminate this condition, you should clean the air filter system regularly.

Apart from these, there are so many more sounds that you might notice from time to time. If you face any of them, let’s take a step forward and hire EZ Heat and Air, the best air conditioning repair service company.

How Can I Recover From This Problem?

EZ Heat, and Air has certified HVAC and air conditioning contractors. They offer a full range of Hvac Installation and air conditioning repair services. This is the perfect platform to visit if you live near Orange County, Riverside, and San Diego.

The organization has built a promising reputation in the market through quality services, 24-hour emergency support, and guarantee-backed services. The technicians inspect the overall condition and always provide accurate, expert advice.

The air conditioner repair experts will bring all the necessary equipment. After the inspection process, they will suggest the best possible solution to you. The platform offers heater installation, heating repair, air conditioning repair, HVAC duct cleaning, and air purification service under one roof. To ask for any service, just call or drop a mail to us.


When the air conditioning system installed in your space acts differently, it signals that it needs repair. Taking care of the air conditioner system and regular maintenance by Air Conditioning Repair Service is necessary.

Through regular inspection, you can eliminate strange sounds. Your air conditioner system needs your attention from time to time. When you neglect the unusual sounds from HVAC, it can become a bigger problem and affect your system’s condition. So, to maintain the air conditioner system, give EZ Heat and Air a chance. The company offers the best Air Conditioning Repair Service San Diego Contact Us Today.

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