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AC Repair in Los Angeles

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A broken AC unit is a great inconvenience for everybody involved. Los Angeles is famous for its sunny days, and we empathize with people having a faulty AC unit. Therefore, whether it is noon or night, call EZ Heat and Air for emergency AC repair in Los Angeles. Our team offer all types of air conditioner services.

Our HVAC technicians are certified, licensed, and background checked. We offer guaranteed Ac repair services, and you don’t have to worry about the quality of the work. We have designed methods of resolving problems with ease and efficiency. The other great thing about EZ Heat and Air is that we are very affordable. None of our customers have ever complained about the price being too high. Along with that, we are also a full-service provider.

We provide everything from inspection to the last electrical revision, which means you don’t have to seek any other service provider. Contact EZ Heat and Air to know more about how we can help you.

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    Air Conditioning Installation In Los Angeles

    We install other HVAC units too!

    We can install any brand and model of your choice within hours or at least the same day. Also, we have dedicated wings and teams for Air conditioning installation in Los Angeles. With EZ Heat and Air, you get complete assistance in Los Angeles with AC installation of well-known brands as well as manufactured by regional companies. Along with that, we can consult you about which brands to use based on your property type, required usage, and energy consumption.
    We understand what our customers want and work to turn their choices and vision into reality. We always help you in making the right choice based on all key factors and preferences.
    We also have installation services for modern HVAC components other than traditional AC units. Our services extend to Central AC, ductless Mini-split, portable AC, geothermal AC, etc.
    We offer good replacement deals as well. Our teams will assess the current condition and give you the best deal possible. Along with that, you can customize your AC unit by replacing old faulty parts with new upgraded ones.
    Find out more by contacting our AC Installation Los Angeles team.
    EZ Heat and Air has 24/7 emergency teams for AC repair, AC inspection, and other AC services in Los Angeles. We employ highly efficient emergency plumbers who will resolve your plumbing problem flawlessly yet quickly. Call our customer service to get an emergency team within one hour at your home.

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    Air conditioning services in Los Angeles

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    AC Cleanup

    We offers through cleanup service for your air conditioning system. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning and dirt removal. Regularly cleaning prevents the dirt from going inside the system and messing it up.

    Ac Tune-ups

    AC tune-ups can be a great way to enhance your ACs output and performance. Tuning up your AC can help you avoid many potential issues that were waiting to happen. You can also take measures to control energy usage.


    Regular maintenance is the key to avoid big problems in the future. We provide maintenance services for residential AC units at any frequency of your choice.

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    AC repair and installation services in Los Angeles

    Warranty backed products with a guarantee backed services

    EZ Heat and Air is famous for being a customer-oriented company. Each year we keep proving that with our high customer retention rate. Countless Californians, every year, prefer our services over anyone else. As a token of gratitude, we try our very best to make the services as customer-friendly as possible.
    Hiring Us as your go-to HVAC company is extremely beneficial. After you join us, you never have to worry about product procurement as well as sell all mainstream products from all mainstream brands (even some regional ones). Besides that, the products are warranty backed with easy availing opportunities. And as a cherry on top, all our services are absolutely backed with a guarantee. If you want to see punctual, transparent, and hassle-free service, always call EZ Heat and Air.
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    We are active for over 30 years, and in this span, we have always been transparent and loyal to our customer base. Better air conditioning is a must for good health and comfort. Thus, trusting us helps you make a better decision in terms of health, time, and money. For air conditioning services in Los Angeles, no matter how old or updated the model is and how complicated or easy the systems are, EZ Heat and Air always has an answer.
    We believe in eco-friendly operations and do our very best to get rid of wastage and other materials in an environment-friendly, non-toxic way. We strictly adhere to county, state, and federal laws and advise you about legal matters along the way. EZ Heat and Air accepts insurance of all kinds too. As you can see, we have all the necessary and auxiliary benefits and services one could ask for. Therefore, call us up for emergency services or schedule meetings with our HVAC consultants/experts/technicians.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.