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When Should I Clean My Dryer Vent Filter?

These days almost every home has advanced appliances used for various purposes. But many of us take these appliances for granted until they stop working, and the dryer is no exception. The dryer helps get us ready within a few minutes, but what if it is stuck in between and you have nothing to wear.

So, if you want the extended life of your dryer and keep your family members safe, it is crucial to clean the dryer vent regularly. This enhances the efficiency of the dryer instead and prevents you from several fires and various other hazards.

The question arises when you should clean the dryer vent and the lint trap vent or how often you should clean it to keep it working?

According to experts, clean the dryer vent once a year, but if you talk about lint trap vent, it should be cleaned after every load. However, cleaning doesn’t mean just removing the lint from the filter, but complete cleaning. It involves:

  • Removing lint buildup from the entire vent
  • Clearing obstructions from the outside of the dryer
  • Clean the dryer lint trap and also drum
  • Clean the area behind the dryer
  • Inspect the dryer vent opening

It looks like a lot of work? Truly it can be that’s why a professional dryer vent cleaning service is the best option as they will do the job well and safely.

Signs To Clean The Dryer Vent

  • If the vent hood flap does not open properly
  • Noticed a strange burning smell on the clothes
  • When the dryer is running in the laundry room, it feels excessively hot
  • Clothes and dryer exterior are scorching
  • Clothes are taking much more time to dry than usual
  • The dryer vent has not been inspected for more than a year
  • There is a presence of debris around the dryer hose

Moreover, you have to clean the dryer vent if:

1. Family Size Is Big

If you live in a joint family, it means there are more loads of clothes that need to be washed every passing day. In short, you will use the dryer every day because a high amount of lint gets collected, and therefore, it needs to be cleaned several times in one year.

2. There Are Pets In House

If you have pets at your home, vents will clog easily and quickly, which means the vents need quicker cleaning than in non-pets homes. So, clean the dryer more frequently to remove pet hair and fur from the vent.

Things To Do Before Cleaning The Dryer Vents

Before starting your cleaning process, it is essential to check whether your dryer runs on gas or electric power. The reason to figure out this is if your dryer runs on gas, you have to turn off the gas supply valve while cleaning dryer vents.

Here, be careful not to disturb the flexible gas line while repositioning the dryer overly. However, if you are unsure what to do at any point, calling a pro of dryer vent cleaning services will be the wise option.

How Do You Clean The Dryer Vents?

There is a straightforward method of cleaning the dryer vent that means inspecting the outside vent opening and removing any obstructions. They are called animal nests, and if you talk about ground-level vents, they are perfect for rodent nests, and upper vents are highly attractive to birds.

After that, tackle the lint. There are various ways by which you can remove lint buildup. They are:

  • Take the help of air compressor as it will blow it out
  • Use flexible brush having an extendable wand will also grab all types of lint
  • Vacuum cleaner and brush will also stick out the lint from the dryer vent

Whichever method you will use to remove the lint, make sure you remove the lint from deep inside the vent. Wait, the work is not finished yet. When you have removed the lint from the dryer vent, make sure to check the area lying behind the dryer. If you notice lint in that area, clean it; otherwise, it will be drawn into the dryer, causing further buildup. However, if the whole process of cleaning the dryer seems quite complicated, you can consider hiring a professional for dryer vent cleaning in San Diego.

Instructions For Cleaning The Lint Trap Filters

1. Remove The Lint Trap Filter

First of all, remove the lint trap filter to eliminate lint. After that, clean it with a vacuum cleaner or vacuum brush attachment.

2. Vacuum The Lint Trap Housing

To ensure every tiny lint gets clean, you have to vacuum the inside part of the lint trap housing with the help of a long, skinny hose attachment. You have to follow the initial vacuuming with a second pass with the help of a flexible brush.

Make sure you extend the brush all the way around so that everything gets cleaned.

After that, clean the brush bristles with a vacuum. If necessary, repeat the process until no more lint is stuck in the brush.

3. Disconnect The Dryer Ductwork

Now, unplug the dryer power cord and turn off the gas valve. Next is disconnecting the duct joint closest to the dryer and slowly pulling the dryer from the wall. Make sure you disconnect the remaining exposed sections of the dryer duct.However, if the sections are taped, remove them.

4. Clean The Ductwork

For this, you have to attach the round-duct brush heading towards a flexible fiberglass shaft. Now, insert the brush into every duct section and clean it using a rotating motion, moving back and forth. Pull the brush out and clean its head.

5. Reattach The Ductwork

Reassemble the duct section by following the instructions given in the manual. Once the ductwork is in good shape, turn on the gas valve or electric power and plug in the dryer.

After that, push the dryer back in the working position and make sure the lint screen is in place. Now, test the dryer to confirm whether it is running smoothly.

Benefits Of Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning

1. It helps in saving energy.

If you clean your dryer vent regularly, it will improve the dryer’s efficiency, thus lowering the energy bills. Homeowners who clean their dryer vent can save up to 30% on energy bills from time to time.

2. Reduces the risk of fire

No doubt, lint is a highly flammable material, and if it is left to accumulate can cause a fire in the home. So, clean the dryer vent regularly to prevent lint build-up.

3. Helps in reducing maintenance cost

If the dryer vent is cleaned regularly, there are fewer chances of overheating or getting clogged. Thus, it will not break down or experience any technical hitch.

4. Reduces wear and tear on the dryer

If you don’t clean the dryer regularly, it has to work twice as hard as drying the clothes. Because of this excessive strain, the dryer can wear out.

The Bottom Line

After reading the blog, you know when you should clean your dryer vent filter and how to do that. The cleaning process is quite simple. But if you don’t want to take any risk, the air ducts cleaning pro will do the needful for you. EZ Heat and Air professionals are highly trained, well-experienced, and qualified experts who will do the work with satisfaction.

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