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Heater Tune Up in San Diego

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If you want your heater to function optimally throughout the year, all you need to do is to subscribe to our regular heater tune up services in San Diego.

Our licensed and skilled experts will identify potential issues with your heating system that might turn into major problems in the future.

If you live in California and are looking for heater tune up services, look no further than EZ Heat and Air. Our heating tune up special services include electric furnace, gas furnace, boiler, and heat pump tune up services. Our heating tune up special services are affordable and are backed with warranties.

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    Our expert technician use advanced heater tune up techniques and special state-of-the-art equipment to identify potential issues with your heating system and fix them as soon as possible. Our heating tune up special services are comprehensive and also identify efficiency issues and potential health hazards due to a heating system that is not functioning properly.
    We can assure you that your heating system will work efficiently throughout the winter once we have carried our heating tune up special services. We understand that you cannot afford to wait until the next morning or the next working day if your heating system breaks down in the middle of the night.
    That is why our services are available 24X7. We have hundreds of fully loaded vehicles that can be pressed into emergency service in very little time. So call EZ Heat and Air any time and experience our prompt and flawless services.
    Our electric and gas heater tune up services include a variety of tasks such as inspection of the thermostat, blower, and electrical connections, as well as replacement of faulty parts.
    Since dust and dirt frequently accumulate in air filters, our gas heater tune up services include regular replacement of air filters. Since your health is our topmost priority, our experts will check the carbon monoxide levels of your heating system without fail.
    If your heating system suddenly breaks down, we shall always be the first to come to your rescue. Our services are available 24×7 and our repairs are immediate. So, give us a call right now and we shall ensure that your heating system is in perfect shape throughout the winter.
    EZ Heat and Air offers special discounts too. If your heating system breaks down, call for our services. We not only prevent your heater from breaking down but also ensure that it works at the highest possible efficiency. Bringing down your long-term expenses is one of our top priorities.

    Gas Heater Tune Up in San Diego

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    Complete Inspection of Your Heater

    Our licensed technicians will always begin their heater tune up services with a thorough inspection of your heating system to determine which parts might require repairs or lubrication. We shall also check the carbon monoxide levels of your heater so that your family, customers, and employees remain safe and healthy.

    Lubrication and Cleaning

    Our heating tune up special services include cleaning and lubrication of various parts of your heating system unit so that the air quality and airflow of your heater is not compromised. We shall clean the flue pipe, chimney base, burner fan, and several other parts. Our technicians will also lubricate motor bearings and other moving parts.

    Replacement of Damaged Parts

    If we notice that some part of your heating system is significantly damaged, we shall replace it immediately. We can replace your nozzles, air filters, fuel pump strainer, and many other parts. Our gas heater tune up experts will also recommend and carry out additional repairs if necessary. The replacement parts come with a guarantee.

    Our Heater Tune Up Services will Ensure that Your Heater Does not Break Down Throughout Winter

    What are the benefits of regular Heater Tune Up Services?

    • Reduction of costs: Since the efficiency of your heating system is checked during the gas heater tune up process, your system will function efficiently and will help you cut down on your utility bills.
    • Longevity: Heating system tune ups anticipate and resolve potential issues that can turn into major problems in the future. This will increase the longevity of your heating system and reduce your long-term expenditure on repairs.
    • Safety: A leak in the exhaust system can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if it isn’t identified early. Regular heater tune up will help you avoid such health hazards. Additionally, Our gas heater tune up experts will also check the condition of the wiring to make sure there is no danger of a short circuit.
    • Improvement in air quality and airflow: Since heater tune up services include removal of soot and sediment from your heating unit, you will notice a marked improvement in the air quality of your house or office after our heater tune up services. Your heating unit will also provide a better airflow after being properly serviced.

    Why Should You Choose Us for Tuning up
    Your Heating System in California?

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That is the reason why we have established a strong reputation as a heating and air conditioning tune up service provider in California. We provide intensive training to our experts so that they can identify any kind of issue related to your heating system. Our experts are extremely courteous and are always ready to answer any questions about the heating tune up special service. We shall provide suggestions about the various available alternatives but are entitled to make the final decision.

    Our heating tune up special services are amongst the most affordable services in California. Our services are transparent and do not contain any hidden charges. Besides, we offer a full money-back guarantee if our services fail to protect your heating system from major damage. We offer special discounts for police officers, military personnel, teachers, and seniors. Our expert’s estimates are completely free of cost. So give us a free service call now and place your heating system in safe hands.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.