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Air Duct Cleaning in Los Angeles

By Our Certified Professionals

An unclean duct can cause many health issues as it contains tons of bacteria, allergens, dust, and fibers that you and your family members can inhale. Also, unclean dust can restrict proper airflow. In order to avoid all these, you need proper duct cleaning. EZ Heat and Air teams offer air duct cleaning in Los Angeles as a preventative regular cleaning as well as an emergency team.

We have the latest resources and technologies to conduct proper duct cleaning. The cleaning of the duct may also include vents, handler, grills, fins & fans, housings, strainer, and coils if your property requires it.

By regularly cleaning your air duct, you will ensure five things. They are 1) Better quality air, 2) Saving of time, 3) Long-lasting system, 4) healthy atmosphere in your property. So, if you have not cleaned your duct for long, we would recommend calling a quality inspection service and get them checked.

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    duct cleaning in Los Angeles

    is highly affordable With options for many additional services

    Whether you subscribe to regular duct cleaning in Los Angeles or call our emergency teams for cleaning, EZ Heat and Air services are known to be very affordable for everyone and every type of property. The best part is we cover every step of duct cleaning services. This means right from the starting of inspection till the last revision of your HVAC system, we will stay with you. Along with this, we also offer other services associated with duct cleaning such as sanitization, contaminants cleaning, dehumidification, mold removal, etc.
    Our prices are reasonable, and the best part is you can design your own packages if you want. So, call us whenever you require effective air duct cleaning services in Los Angeles.
    We also offer commercial duct cleaning services for businesses and big buildings. The services are the same as the residential air duct cleanings. But we also have seasonal experts who solely focus on commercial projects so that we can maintain our quality.
    Commercial air ducts require regular cleaning if your business is involved in a hive of public activities like a retail shop, pet shop, or restaurants.
    Regular cleaning of your air ducts also ensures that your system is efficient, you have better energy usage in your business. You can save a lot of money in terms of avoiding disaster too.
    We have several options for discounts. The discounts can be availed by both regular and first-time customers. Our prices are affordable, and when you consider our discount schemes, your cost goes down significantly. We also accept insurance if you have one and mostly bill them directly. EZ Heat and Air believes in offering quick and hassle-free services to its customers, and we are dedicated to maintaining our quality of faithful service.

    Avoid danger And disaster through

    Dryer vent cleaning service in Los Angeles

    Emergency Inspection

    If you feel something out of the ordinary with your dryer vent, call us immediately. We have 24/7 emergency dryer vent teams with the latest tools and resources.

    Mold Cleaning

    One of the major problems with the unclean dryer vent is mold growth. We use non-toxic, environment-friendly chemicals to get rid of mold growth. We also mitigate the extra moisture that is causing a problem in the first place.

    Dryer Cleaning

    We can perform the full-fledged cleaning of the dryer vent. A clean dryer vent increases safety from fire, carbon monoxide poisoning. It also helps to be in compliance with insurance codes and thus reducing your premiums.

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    Air Duct or Dryer Vent Service

    EZ Heat and Air maintains a proactive service delivery mode of operation for all of its customers. Our initial consultation and estimation are always free of cost. Along with that, we keep a very highly detailed record of everything we do. The list includes steps taken, possible options, salvaged items, other inventory items, etc. You can use the list for records or insurance claims if you want. Also, we have pack out services, cleanup services, etc., to help the main service.
    EZ also sells high-quality certified products of all brands. The products are backed with long-term warranties and guarantees. You can avail them easily just by calling us or reaching out to your regional office. We always maintain transparency with our clients. So if you want transparent, quick, and easy HVAC service, call EZ.

    EZ is a legacy of 30 years in California
    We are known for commitment and punctuality

    From water damage restoration to dryer vent cleaning in Los Angeles, you can find everything under the umbrella of EZ Heat and Air in California. We are a well-known brand in the state due to our commitment and flexible approach to every problem. We are punctual as well. Your jobs will always be completed before due time, even if we have to work around the clock to ensure it.
    The main goal of EZ Heat and Air is to make everything easy for its customers. That is why scheduling is easy with us, calling emergency service is easy, and contacting customer service is easy too. All you have to do is make a simple call or visit your local office. Get the most affordable, reliable, quick, and hassle-free services.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.