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Importance of Keeping Your AC Coils Clean

AC Coil Cleaning

Do you have a faulty air conditioner system in your residential or commercial space? Do you feel the AC coils have a layer of dirt on them? If you are looking for an AC unit coil cleaner, you should choose EZ Heat and Air.

The company offers multiple services under one roof for AC and HVAC installation, repairs, and maintenance. The company offers services in Orange County, Riverside, and San Diego. Whether you need them for commercial or professional needs, they will be ready to hear you instantly!

The air conditioner of your space is a complex machine with different components that work together to keep the environment cool. If there is an issue in your AC unit coil, it can damage the whole system.

Cleaning and maintaining an air conditioner is important if you want optimal performance for a long time. Regular cleaning of the outdoor condenser coil is required, and it can only be achieved by hiring the best AC coil cleaner.

The condenser coil of the air conditioner is situated in the outdoor unit. In any air conditioner, the condenser coil plays a major role. The major task of the AC unit coil cleaner is to ensure moving the heat out from the space. During summer, the air conditioner is used for the maximum time, and that’s why it requires maximum care.

When you use the air conditioner for a long period, it accumulates dirt and debris. After a certain period, the air conditioner gets covered with the grime and cannot complete the process of moving out the air. Coil cleaning should be part of regular air conditioner maintenance if you don’t want to experience the real struggle during the summer. Let’s check how to clean evaporator coil without removing it.

In the below section, we will discuss frequently asked queries “how to clean AC evaporator coils inside house,” and how often the cleaning should be performed.

What should you know about air conditioner coils?

If you have an air conditioner at your home, you might know that there are 2 types of the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. Here is how to clean air conditioner coils! Both the coil works consecutively where the role of the evaporator coil is to absorb the humidity and heat. Simultaneously, the condenser coil releases that heat and turns it into the cooler air.

Are you seeking how to clean window AC unit? So, when the whole system is covered with dust and grimes, it makes an extra layer over the condenser coil. It creates a barrier between the air blowing over the refrigerant and the coils. This layer of dust makes the heat transfer less effective. As a result, the cooling system’s efficiency decreases, making the air conditioner unit run longer. In addition, some other problems arise if the air conditioner’s coils get dirty.

Here is how to clean condenser coils? The AC unit has experienced a decrease in cooling efficiency and makes the space less comfortable. If you notice the higher energy bills, it is also because of the dirty AC coils. The more damage your system has, the more investment you have to make for repairing it. 

If you don’t want to shorten the lifestyle of the AC unit, then don’t miss any signs of dirty air conditioner coils. You should also know how to clean air conditioner condenser. Now, as a homeowner, you might think about how the air conditioner coils get dirty and why it’s necessary to clean them regularly? 

Let’s take a sneak peek at how to clean AC condenser coils.

How do air conditioner coils get dirty?

Are you wondering “how to clean AC unit outside” or how air conditioner coils get dirty, and how often you should clean them? To get the optimal performance of the AC unit, you should be conscious of the dirt and grimes stuck on the coil. A layer of dirt and grime on the coils impacts the system when it has a 100th of an inch dirt. The dust can reduce the AC unit’s efficiency by up to 5%. 

When the dirt builds up, the efficiency of the AC shrinks. There are varieties of other ways which make the coil dirty. In addition, if your outdoor unit is located outside the street and exposed to the outdoor areas, it also builds the debris. If you have a pet in your home, it also builds up the dirt in the air filters. To deal with this scenario, a professional AC cleaner will help you. Here are the reasons why it’s necessary to clean the AC coils regularly and how to clean central air unit.

What are the 3 reasons for cleaning AC coil?

Get optimal performance

The air conditioner system of your home is the most complex accessory, composed of certain parts. When the condenser coil gets damaged, then it affects the whole system. It minimizes the efficiency of the air conditioner, and to address this problem, it is necessary to look at the condenser from time to time. Learn how to clean central air conditioner? Clean your home’s outdoor unit and the surrounding area to receive up-to-the-mark performance.

Receive comfort

You should know that the condenser coils are part of the outdoor unit. The AC’s performance decreases when you don’t clean the condenser coil for a long time. The heat it absorbs is trapped inside and unable to release. It leads to inefficient cooling. Because the pressure of releasing is high, it absorbs more energy, costing you more. This is why it is necessary to get the air conditioner cleaned regularly. The more efficient the condenser coils are, the better efficiency your AC has.

Longer AC lifespan

Do you want to keep your AC unit to last longer? The condenser coils are constantly subjected to dust and grimes. Make sure the experts should do the regular maintenance of the AC to maximize its life. Otherwise, get ready to pay the high energy bills.

Receive freshness

Want to receive the fresh air? When the condenser of AC coils gets dirty, it smells moist. If you don’t want to stop spreading that awkward musty smell in your home, it’s the right time to clean the air conditioner system of your home.

However, there are lots of other reasons which make the AC coil cleaning important. Two questions mostly arise in the minds of people. The first question is, how often should I clean my air conditioner coils? Does cleaning AC coils really help? And can I do it myself? So, to help you out here, we share the answers.

How often is it necessary to clean the air conditioner coil?

Want to know how often should AC coils be cleaned? In most cases, the experts suggest cleaning the AC coils at least once a year. If it’s the summer season, you can try to clean it up every 6 months. But before starting the cleaning process, you should know where the AC unit is in your space. 

You might need to clean the condenser coil if you live in a city with heavy air pollution. In addition, if the air conditioner system of your home is too old, it frequently hikes the energy bills. To detect these problems, it is required to go through the air conditioning system several times. 

So, if we move to the next question of whether you clean it by yourself or not, then the answer will be yes! It would help if you cleaned off the debris and dust with a gentle brush. This is the easiest way to keep the system up. The AC repair is costly; in the worst scenario, it can cost around half your salary. Therefore, to save the big bucks, it is required to call a team of EZ Heat and Air and ask how to clean the AC condenser.

The quantity of cleaning air conditioner coils depends upon how quickly it gets dirty. We have already mentioned how the condenser’s dirt and grimes build up. Especially if the condenser is facing near the street, the chances of getting dirtier will increase. Want to know how to clean AC condenser? The expert team of EZ Heat and Air always suggests cleaning the condenser as soon as possible before the summer starts.


When it comes to cleaning, we always suggest hiring professionals. The professional cleaning experts of our company can do this job in the best possible way. Efficiently cleaning the air conditioner requires a bit of knowledge. When you hire the EZ Heat and Air team, they will come to your space by bringing all the necessary tools. They will inspect your space and ensure an effective solution. The damaged and faulty coils lead to major problems and give you peace of mind.

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