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Is Your Wall Heater Not Working? Here’s How To Solve Common Difficulties

People don’t give enough value to the wall heater unless it stops working like normal. To maintain your room heating system, periodic maintenance from companies like EZ Heat and Air is a must.

If you live in cold weather all year round, you need that the room heating system works perfectly. Wall heaters are the most cost-effective heating solution for your property. Make sure to take good care of this vital element of your home.

Electric and gas wall heaters are the best ways to heat your home. You can maintain an efficient heating system in your apartment or office with one or two heaters, and this heating system is the best solution for small to medium enclosed areas.

The most significant advantage of installing wall heaters is that they don’t emit any pollutants to the indoor environment. Thus, your house remains healthy and clean. In today’s world, using energy-efficient products matters a lot! From such a perspective, wall heaters save not only a lot of energy but also your money when compared with other central heating systems.

Most households don’t realize the importance of a wall heater until they find any error in the functioning. To keep your home pleasant-weathered, uniform heat radiation is crucial. With the perfect balance of room temperature, the air stays allergy-free. If your room walls get damp quickly, installing a wall heater will help prevent mold growth.

EZ Heat and Air technicians are specialized in wall heater repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. If you have ever noticed that your heater stops working or is not generating adequate heat, call EZ for gas or electric wall heater repair.

Find information about how to replace an electric wall heater in this blog.

How To Troubleshoot Heater Issues At Home?

During the cold season, wall heater issues become a nightmare. Before calling for professional assistance, people want to see if they can detect and fix everything themselves. Here are some tips that can allow you to fix things in an emergency. You can prevent your heater from stopping working with a little more awareness.

For troubleshooting electric wall heater issues at your home or business, rely on the following suggestions:

Check If The Thermostat Is Functioning Or Not

Looking at the power supply and whether it is functioning correctly is most worthwhile. It might not sound serious, but automated thermostats are pretty confusing. The heating system is usually set correctly, but the switch can accidentally be transferred from its place. You can also check the wires behind the electric furnace to identify any breakage. Split wiring could cause many issues. If you don’t possess a thorough knowledge of repairing electrical appliances, it would be better to call your electrician and not fix the wiring yourself.

Clean The Exhaust Pipe Of The Chimney

Most electric wall heater repair includes cleaning the exhaust system. After years of usage without any maintenance, the chimney got stacked with lots of debris. As a result, the heater can’t function as it should. To examine such an issue, turn off the power supply first. After clearing the exhaust flue, reassemble the parts correctly.

Don’t make any blockage before the wall heater

If you mistakenly place any large furniture or any other large object in front of the heater, it will interfere with the flowing of hot air, and the heater often activates or deactivates. To receive optimum heating efficiency from your wall heater, place the large objects anywhere except the nearby space of your heating system.

Check with the HVAC specialist about the cause of cool air exhale

Another prime issue most users face with heating units is the cool air flows. In certain cases, this problem arises from issues in the heating element of your wall heaters. If you experience such complications, immediately disconnect the unit from the central power system and give your HVAC technician a call to resolve the issue.

Practice periodic inspection to assess the connectivity of wires

Every vented wall heater will likely face issues with fans at some point in its lifespan. If this is the case with your heating machine, check all the wires if they are properly connected or not. Also, some of the wires can be decayed or burnt. If you find that nothing is wrong with the wires, check the switch to know if it is functioning well.

Install another heating machine if the heater never turns off

This means the installed heating system is too small for a big room. That’s why your room doesn’t get properly insulated. As a result, your heater is running beyond its normal capacity. To solve such difficulties, fix weather strips to the windows and doors and heat protectors to the outermost windows and doors. If necessary, you can also get an additional wall heater for the room.

How To Remove The Heater From The Wall?

It is advised to call a technician to remove and check wall heaters. Any wrong move could create major issues. The key steps involved in removing a heater from the wall are mentioned here.

  • Disconnect the circuit breaker from the electric panel to release the additional power developed.
  • With a screwdriver, cautiously unfasten the screws from the heater to prevent harm to the thermostat.
  • Take a voltage analyzer to ensure the dead wires.
  • Take off the heater from the wall.
  • While lightening the screws, disconnect the cables to phase out the line
  • Remov3 the entrance cover and put away the screws.

How To Turn Off Electric Wall Heaters?

A wall heater is an excellent electric appliance for a single room, studio apartment, or small office. Wall heaters are the safest of all heaters as the wiring is tucked into the wall; thus, no one can play around with it by accident. The heat production from the wall heaters is relatively safe, thus can avoid fire hazards.

It is best to switch off the heater when you don’t use it for maximum efficiency. However, making the heater run for several hours is entirely safe. Turning off electric wall heaters is effortless. Power up the thermostat knob to the off point, and to turn off the power, you need to unplug the circuit breaker. Wait a few minutes to dispel extra power that has already ramped up.

How To Replace An Electric Wall Heater?

First, take the measurements of your present electric heater. If you have the dimension with you, it will be easy for you to buy the replaced heater. Purchasing the heater with similar proportions will decrease the replacement work.

Now, it’s time to disconnect the heater and set it for complete cooling. Dismantle the embedding screws of the wall heater that help it hold to the iron sheet. Remove the heater from its setup and put it aside.

Go through the user manual of the new heater you will install. If you find any particular necessity during the installation, you should be aware of it in advance. Mount the heater to the plate at the back and secure the screws associated with the heater.

Plug in the heater and check whether it is smoothly working.

Who Should You Call To Fix Your Heater?

Call certified HVAC technicians for wall heater maintenance. You should ensure regular maintenance. Any electrical appliances can break down suddenly if they are not maintained in a timely and correct manner.

To provide utmost safety for your family members, hire EZ Heat and Air HVAC technicians for maintenance. With a periodic inspection, you can avoid many problems.

EZ Heat and Air is a renowned name that only employs the most proficient team for heater installation, maintenance, replacement and repairs – the company is your one-stop heating and cooling service provider. When you can’t manage to diagnose the heater issues, the expert team of EZ Heat and Air will make you relax with its incredible services. EZ offers services in Orange, San Diego, Riverside and other counties in California.

Whether it is for kitchen wall heater repair or bathroom wall heater replacement, consult with only the best-qualified technicians. The EZ Heat and Air HVAC team is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people, who have made EZ the go-to HVAC repair and installation company. For any assistance regarding the heating system, don’t hesitate to contact the technicians of EZ Heat and Air Repair.

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