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How To Get The Most From Your AC Unit?

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During the hotter summer months, any person’s air conditioning system in San Diego might account for up to 70% of their overall yearly home energy expenses. The HVAC system consumes the most energy in an individual’s home. If a person is like most homeowners, then they are definitely looking for a solution to boost their air conditioner’s efficiency while lowering their expenditures. Regrettably, it appears like it is easier said than done.

Don’t be discouraged. There are a few pointers that might assist a person. Please continue reading to see how one can make their air conditioner work more efficiently and save money over the course of a year.

It’s a good idea to discover some of the indicators signifying the inefficiency of your AC system before going into the intricacies of enhancing its efficiency.

Signs Indicating That Your System Isn’t Running Efficiently.

One might be wondering how to detect whether the efficiency of the AC unit has decreased or not.

The following are some indicators showing the system is having trouble:

  • Increased Costs And Electricity Bills: If one’s electricity bills are rising, this is one of the most evident indications of AC inefficiency. When an air conditioner isn’t operating efficiently, it consumes more electricity. It’s a good idea to get the Air Conditioning repair and cleaning services in San Diego if one observes a significant increase in their consumption and expenditures. The expert will be able to figure out what is causing the rising prices.
  • Regular Cycling: The thermostat is considered the “brain” of one’s air conditioning system. If a person finds it cycling on and off too frequently, it’s possible the thermostat has to be changed. The internal mechanism of the thermostat might be harmed by everyday usage and dust. The compressor might also be causing the system to cycle often. It’s advisable to enlist the help of an AC maintenance expert in San Diego to pinpoint the exact problem.
  • Clogged Filter Due To Ice Formation On The Compressor: If ice begins to form on one’s air conditioner, it’s a sure indicator that they will require expert help. If there is a leak in the coolant line, ice might form. Another reason for this issue is if the coils inside one’s AC have been damaged. This issue might potentially be caused by a clogged filter. If the unit has ice on it, one can be sure it isn’t running as efficiently as it should.
  • Unusual Noises: Each device in an individual’s house will produce its own distinct sound. One has to probably become accustomed to some of the sounds that occur as a result of their unit’s regular operation. If one detects anything out of the ordinary, turn everything off to avoid the problem from becoming worse and schedule a service call for central air conditioner repair. Now that one has identified the indicators of inefficiency, it’s time to figure out how to combat them.

Effective Techniques to Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency:

Improving your AC unit’s efficiency can help them save money and extend their life.

12 Approaches to Make Your Air Conditioner Run More Efficiently

Improving the efficiency of your AC unit can help you save money while also extending its life.

1. Vacuum And Unblock The Vents Of The AC Unit:

Keeping the vents clear from trash is one of the most effective methods to improve the performance of one’s air conditioner. Take a trip around the house and count the number of vents present there.

These will either hang from the ceiling or be placed on the floor.

During the evaluation, keep the following in mind:

  • What size air filter, if any, do the vents require?
  • Is there pet hair, dust, or other material in the vents?
  • When was the last time you cleaned the vents?

You may also hire a professional to clean the ducts completely or, if your AC unit is damaged, then you go for split air conditioner maintenance and repair.

Take some time to clean out the debris in the interior air supply vents. If you want to keep their system’s airflow consistent, you will need to do this. And even if you cleans and vacuums on a regular basis, blinds, carpets, toys, and furniture can obstruct your vents.

Make certain that all of the vents are free of obstructions. Even if one has to change the furniture in a space, this is critical for the air cleaning effectiveness of vents.

2. Shut All The Windows And Doors:

If one leaves their home’s windows or doors open, the air within can readily escape to the outside. This can result in notable incompetence. If a person wishes to air out the room, that individual must make sure that all the switches are off. It’s important to remember that it’s not their responsibility to keep the entire neighborhood cool.

3. Clean The Area Outside/Around The Condenser Unit.

If the outside unit is clean and clear of debris, it will work best. On the other hand, cleaning the condenser might be difficult, so be sure one knows what you are doing and how to do it before it begins.

Professional cleaners should be entrusted with the most in-depth cleanings. They can verify that the appropriate procedures are followed in order to avoid any major harm.

4. Keep All Heat-Generating Appliances Away From The Thermostat:

The position of your thermostat has a significant impact on the air conditioner’s overall performance. If the thermostat of your AC is placed in a hot area of the houses, such as near a sunny window, light, or appliance, it may not accurately monitor the temperature of their home.

A trained expert understands this, which is why these people won’t install a thermostat in an area that gets a lot of heat. If you have an older system that is in terrible shape, though, it is usually worth it to address the problem.

This is because a thermostat in this place will believe that it needs to chill the area more than actually required. This will cost you more in terms of cooling bills for their house over time, as well as cause more wear and tear on the individual AC system.

5. Repair Any Leaks If One Find Them Around Their Windows, Or Beneath Their Doors Or In Their Attic:

Another major source of inefficiency in their house is air leaks. If these leaks are present, the cold air that has been dispersed throughout their home will escape. As a result, the air conditioner frequently runs longer than necessary. Another problem that leads to high utility bills is this one.

6. Set The Thermostat To A Little Higher Temperature:

Simply raise the temperature on the thermostat of one’s AC by a couple of degrees. In most situations, a five to eight degree temperature change (up in the summer and down in the winter) can help a person save both energy and money. You can change the temperature automatically from their smart device if you install a programmable thermostat. What’s more, one may make these changes independent of their location.

7. Use Window Coverings:

To filter out the heat of the day, you can simply draw their curtains or close their blinds. This is incredibly useful when attempting to improve the efficiency of your system. You may limit the amount of heat that enters your home by covering the windows. Also, this reduces the amount of work your individual system has to do. When you leave for work in the morning, it’s an excellent idea to close their curtains and blinds. It might assist in keeping their home cool during the day.

You may open them after reaching home and enjoy the late afternoon sun. You won’t have to give up their interior comfort as a result of this.

8. Provide Shade For The Outdoor Condenser:

There’s no denying that the summer heat can be scorching. This heat may put a lot of strain on an individual’s outside condenser unit, forcing it to work harder simply to keep its house cool. Put some shade over their outdoor unit to assist in reducing the strain and wear and tear. The goal is to just give shade rather than obstructing airflow.

9. Get Rid Of The Drain Line:

A drain is located close to the indoor cooling coil of the system. In most situations, this will be placed in the basement, above your furnace (if a person has a basement). You can keep their AC drain clear throughout the summer by pouring one cup of bleaching down the drain and washing it with water.

If you maintain the drain line-free, you won’t have any problems with water. If the drainpipe becomes clogged, it can create significant difficulties with the air conditioner’s performance.

One should make sure the drainpipes aren’t covered by mulch or soil on the outside of their house. One can even use a shop vac to get rid of them!

10. Insulate All The Exposed Ductwork:

Does a person realize that there might be exposed ducting in their attic or even in their crawlspace? If there is, it’s possible that it’s leaking, which isn’t ideal given that certain areas of their home aren’t conditioned.

While you may be able to detect a problem with their ducts on their own, you may not be able to solve the problem. It will be essential to contact air conditioning repair specialists in San Diego at this stage to assess the issue and give the most acceptable fixes.

In addition to repairing the leak, the experts will also insulate the ducts with a high-quality, professional-grade substance.

11. Replace The Air Conditioner’s Filter:

When their air conditioner gets optimum airflow, it implies that it will run at maximum efficiency. A clogged filter, on the other hand, might have a substantial influence. Dirty filters will not only degrade the quality of the air in your house but will also reduce airflow, making their air conditioner’s task even more difficult. However, this is a simple and inexpensive approach to avoid air conditioner efficiency issues. However, if you do not handle this, you may be forced to spend on costly repairs.

12. Don’t Use The Oven Or Dryer

On particularly hot days, stay away from the hairdryer and the oven. When you operate these appliances, warm air will travel throughout the house. As a result, the air conditioner will have to work harder to compensate for the increase in temperature. On extremely hot days, avoid using the oven or dryer. Your air conditioner will appreciate it.


To summarise, following these guidelines will help one get the most out of any air conditioner. Finally, remember to get their system properly tuned up every year before peak season to ensure that it is in top working order. This will help one avoid any potential problems and enjoy your summer to the utmost in the comfort of their air-conditioned house. You can save money on our utility bills and get the most out of our air conditioners if you go for regular AC maintenance in San Diego. Not to mention avoiding overload on the device will help it live a longer and healthier life.

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