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7 Easy Tips to Increase Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality

We all believe pollution exists only in outdoor places. But this statement is far away from reality. If you have ever done deep cleaning, you’ll be surprised to know indoor air quality is extremely malefic these days. Old age people and those with asthma are sensitive to air pollutants.

Repeated exposure to indoor pollutants can affect the health of people a lot. Many air pollutants are available in our homes, such as formaldehyde, lead, volatile, and pollen dust, that destroy indoor air quality in San Diego. And that does not end here because some air pollutant comes through the mattress, shoes, and carpet cleaners.

Are you worried about air quality? Don’t know how to thoroughly clean indoor spaces to improve air quality deeply? So, continue reading to get the answer on removing dust particles from indoor air to make it clean.

What Are The Common Consequences of Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollutants can range from dust particles to carbon monoxide, resulting from the burning of natural gas and other products. Older homes also have lead particles and asbestos that can damage the lungs when accumulating in the air. Mildew and molds are common pollutants that grow in the kitchen and bathroom.

Pollutants have become a major health issue and are unavoidable. Hence, it has to be taken seriously, and you have to take indoor air quality testing services in San Diego to know about the types of pollutants present in your indoor spaces.

When cleaning those air pollutants, you need to look after ventilation, filter, and aerosols. Therefore, it’s vital to keep a check on indoor air pollutants. At the same time, it is crucial to follow a precautionary approach to reduce the use of chemical substances that release harmful fumes into the air.

Many people feel wheezy and breathless with air pollutants and may often experience a runny nose. Here are a few things you need to know about the preventative measure that helps keep your indoor places clean.

7 Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Now you know why it is crucial to keep your indoor places clean, it’s time to take some preventive measures.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Filters Clean

The foremost step you need to take to improve indoor air quality is keeping your air conditioner clean. The air conditioners have different filters which remove impurities from the air and are also helpful in removing pollen dust. However, the filters get choked with dust particles and don’t filter air anymore over time.

As a result, indoor air quality becomes poor. Therefore, make sure to keep your air conditioner filters clean. You can take air filter cleaning services to remove the dust particles trapped in the filters.

In addition, be sure to ask for indoor air quality testing services in San Diego to know about the debris present in your indoor spaces. You can get the right solutions and improve indoor air quality.

Clean Other Filters

It’s good you have cleaned AC filters, but this is not the only thing for which you need to take air filter cleaning services. If you want to improve indoor air quality, then be sure to check other filters present in chimneys, ventilation areas, and other appliances.

Keep in mind that filters get clogged with dust particles, and you have to inspect them regularly to remove the dust particles. Additionally, clean your vacuum cleaners, kitchen vents, clothed dryers, etc. Take maintenance services periodically to improve your indoor air quality.

However, experts suggest replacing the old filters and cleaning them periodically after a few months. It helps to keep your filters fresh for longer.

Keep A Check On Air Ducts

The air ducts are responsible for cold air and disturbing hot air low throughout the home. It helps to provide a comfortable climate in your indoor spaces. However, if the ducts are not installed properly, they may contaminate your indoor air.

Moreover, over time, dander and dust particles accumulate in the air ducts, reducing indoor air quality. Therefore, hiring professional air filter cleaning services becomes a crucial part of the cleaning. This not only helps clean air ducts but also helps in improving air quality.

However, if the air ducts are not in the condition for repair, you can install new air ducts to get clean air constantly. This helps to circulate cold and hot air properly in your indoor spaces.

Use Cooking Ventilations and Chimneys

Most of the indoor air pollutants come from the kitchen. The gas stoves release carbon monoxide and other gases which can contaminate the air. Moreover, electric burners also release harmful fumes, potentially reducing air quality.

Therefore, it would be great to use the ventilation system and chimneys to improve indoor air quality. The vents help to absorb these pollutants leaving behind clean and fresh air. Additionally, you can keep your windows open as it helps to filter out air and improve your indoor air quality.

Always use electrodes or charged-based chimneys that can attract harmful particles. Moreover, it helps trap the harmful particles present in the air. Keep these air vents on when you are cooking food in the kitchen. It helps to remove harmful fumes and keep the air clean.

Keep Carpets Clean

Carpets and rugs contain dust particles which can cause several allergies to you. Though the carpets act as your cleaners and trap this debris in them, sometimes the carpets get full of dust, and eventually, it comes in with your feet. Therefore, it would be great to go for periodic cleaning of your carpet.

Use antibacterial washing detergent to clean carpets and rugs. Keeping them clean can help improve the indoor air quality in San Diego and make your places clean. In addition to this, you can clean your rugs, curtains, and other stuff, which can trap dust easily.

Control Humidity Level

Moisture and humidity inside the home can create favorable conditions to grow bacteria and molds. The molds can trigger several allergies and respiratory issues in humans. Hence, reducing the amount of moisture in indoor spaces can help control the humidity level. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in the air. This helps to improve indoor air quality in San Diego. Moreover, it also helps keep harmful dust particles and allergens away from your homes.

Use Indoor Plants

There are some indoor plants available that act as natural air filters. You can grow these indoor plants as it helps enhance the indoor air quality and look great in your homes. Small indoor plants such as lilies and ferns can help to improve the air quality and look graceful in your home. These plants can kill the contaminants and improve indoor air quality.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, keeping your indoor places clean helps improve your health. If you want to improve the indoor air quality of your homes, then be sure to use these tips. In addition, make sure to call for air filter services to clean dust particles and improve indoor air quality. If you need the best quality check services for your air filters, we are here to assist you. Call us to get the best assistance.

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