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Major Air Conditioning Mistakes That Cost Huge in Repairing

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The HVAC system is the major system of your home that is necessary for summers and winters both. When you have the cooling and heating system at your place, you must take care of its efficiency. Most of us make uncountable mistakes that make the HVAC system malfunction.

Many mistakes occur because homeowners do not have the right information. As a homeowner, we are most frustrated with the continuously rising bills. We all want to keep our utility costs as low as we can. We all know how important the HVAC system is for our property! A small issue can lead to expensive repairs. It would be best to avoid the mistakes. Once you are aware of those mistakes, you can easily avoid them and keep the utility cost under control.

This blog mentions points that could save you hundreds of dollars monthly and yearly. Find tips for dealing with HVAC issues efficiently shared by top HVAC contractors in San Diego.

Basic Air Conditioning Mistakes That Cost Huge To Us Later

Wrong setting of thermostat

As per the experts, when the thermostat temperature of the air conditioning system matches the outside temperature, it charges a low utility cost.

Yes, in the summers, we all want to keep our room cool, but it doesn’t mean setting the temperature down drastically. Setting the thermostat at the wrong temperature forces your air conditioner to run for a longer time to achieve that difference. The process also consumes higher energy which increases the utility cost.

Ignoring the outdoor unit

You cleaned your lawn every weekend, right? But have you ever gone through the condition of outdoor AC units? This is the part of a unit that is out of sight, and generally, the owners neglect this. The outdoor condensing unit also needs some free space for optimum operation. Therefore, It would be best if you cleaned this area of your property.

Trim out the shears and weed shrubs, and debris around the appliances. The more debris and wastage the outdoor AC unit area has, the harder it obstructs the airflow.

In this case, the system forces the condenser coil to work more, ultimately costing high electricity. In worst cases, the insects and rodents build their nest around this unit, damaging the system. Therefore, to prevent this condition, you should keep at least three feet of difference between your condensing unit and debris.

Running Your AC All Day

Most of us leave our homes without switching off the air conditioner. Are you one of them? There is no need to keep the space cool. So, you can manually turn the thermostat on to 78 or 80 degrees before you leave and then drop the temperature down once you reach the home. The longer your AC unit runs in efficiently; it will relatively keep the entire room cool. The best thing is installing the programmable thermostat that makes this task easy by performing it automatically.

Using Old Filters/dirty filters

Using old and dirty filters also consumes high electricity. Besides the energy consumption, a dirty filter restricted the airflow and froze the evaporator coil. So, have you remembered when you last changed the air filter? If you haven’t cleaned it for a longer time, it’s time to clean it up. If possible, you can also ask for a replacement.

Per the experts’ suggestion, replacing the air filter every 90 days is suggested. If the summer heat is high and your air conditioning system has been working for a long time, then replacing it every month is preferable. By reaching out to the best commercial HVAC contractors in San Diego, you can get complete knowledge about them.

Missed the Maintenance program

Have you missed the last maintenance program? Do you remember when you scheduled an appointment with the HVAC contractors to tune the HVAC system?

Hiring the best top-class expertise in maintaining the HVAC system is always a great idea. Before it turns out to be one year, you should schedule a maintenance program. When you hire a certified technician in San Diego, they come to your space and check all the necessary components of your HVAC system.

They will check if there is any need for replacement and repair. Keeping each HVAC part at the top level helps you run the HVAC with peak efficiency. When your AC runs with peak efficiency, it costs low electricity. In addition, the low coolant level sometimes leads to the HVAC unit leak. With a regular maintenance program, you can fix it completely.

Not upgrading the unit for a longer time

Do you have the older HVAC unit in your space? Don’t you want to upgrade the system into a system that delivers better efficiency? If your unit has reached its life expectancy, it always makes sense to upgrade them as soon as possible. Hiring skilled and experienced HVAC contractors in San Diego can help you save utility costs and receive high-efficiency outcomes.

Installing improper unit size

When buying any appliance, we always want to buy something that looks bigger right? The HVAC system is designed to keep your interior space cool/warm and comfortable depending on your needs. But there is a right size of unit you should choose as per the size of your property. Buying too small and too big HVAC appliances won’t cool your property efficiently. Either it creates issues of inconsistent temperature or malfunction issues. In addition, it also decreases the chances of eliminating the humidity. The air conditioning installations should be done after consulting with the right experienced team of commercial HVAC contractors in San Diego.

Choosing the poor location

You won’t believe this factor, but yes, poor location of HVAC installation also costs high utility bills. The location of the installed air conditioning system decides how well it cools your space. Most homeowners feel it is convenient to install this in a sunny spot. But installing this in the places where the direct sunlight reaches runs the efficiency. The air conditioning unit should be installed in shady areas that shouldn’t be blocked. If you don’t want to get stressed by the high utility cost at the end of the month, install this in the right location.

Keeping the windows open

Yes, in summer, you might love the cool summer breeze, but keeping your doors and windows open without checking if the AC is properly switched off is something you shouldn’t do.

Keeping these open won’t help to keep the interior cool. If you want to enjoy the natural air, don’t run the air conditioning system simultaneously. In addition, it also reduces the humidity and gives a comfortable area for rest. If you want to keep your space cooler for a long time, use the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can save a lot of cost without lowering the temperature. It makes your room feel comfortable and cooler. Therefore, it is suggested to use the ceiling fan with the conjunction of the HVAC unit.

Not installing a smart thermostat

Are you aware of the smart thermostat installation? It will be the best example of maximizing your savings by cutting utility costs. You can easily program your air conditioning system without any regular manipulation. To maintain the ideal temperature, you need to make certain customization on this. The best thing is that if you forget to customize it, you can do the same from anywhere with internet connectivity. With this, you can track the energy consumption pattern and adjust it automatically.

By following the above consideration, you can save lots of bucks. Hiring your property’s best commercial HVAC contractors in San Diego would be great.


As a homeowner, we make multiple mistakes, but the good thing is that we should acknowledge them at the right time. You should learn from those mistakes and move forward without repeating them. If you wish to reduce the cost of maintenance and repairing HVAC this year, you should consider the above-discussed tips.

Hire the right maintenance program for the HVAC periodically. Hiring experienced and skilled commercial HVAC contractors like EZ Heat and Air in San Diego will reduce most worries. Residents of San Diego are happy to hire us! We have a team of certified pro technicians dedicated to completing their tasks and helping you save unnecessary repair costs. With us, you can allow your AC to perform well by completing the professional inspection twice and thrice a month. For more information, contact our experts today through mail or call.

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